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Does your filter need a Spring Clean?

Why is it important to have it cleaned and serviced on a regular basis?



Just like changing the oil in your car will prolong the life of your engine, so will cleaning the filter on your pool.  As dirt and debris build up in the filter, the flow to the pool will slow causing poor water clarity, increased pump pressure and pump leaks.


When should I have my filter cleaned?



There are three basic types of filters, diatomaceous earth (D.E.), cartridge and sand.   D.E. filters need to have an annual filter cleaning performed at least once a year, cartridge filters work best if cleaned every six months, and sand filters need to have the sand replaced every 3-5 years.  You likely also need to have your filters cleaned if your pump shows high pressure, but routine maintenance can help prevent this.  This of high pressure like the Check Engine light on your car – it requires action to keep your car running, but routine maintenance can help keep the light from coming on.


What is involved in cleaning a filter?


When cleaning a D.E. or Cartridge filter, the internal parts of the filter must be taken out, separated and spayed with an enzymatic cleaner. This is a safe cleaner for the D.E. grids or cartridges to help break down the dirt and chemicals that have collected over time. After treatment with the cleaner, the grids or cartridges are washed off with a high pressure water source. Once clean, the grids or cartridges are inspected for damage such as cracks, breaks or deterioration.  The rest of the filter, the outer shell, top and bottom manifolds, are also inspected for damage.  The filter is then reassembled and put back together.  With any filter the tank O-ring should be replaced to insure a proper seal when reassembled. IF a DE filter is equipped with a push/pull valve (as opposed to a multiport) the valve O-rings should also be lubricated and replaced. DE filters need to be recharged with the proper about of DE once the system is back up and running.    


Sand filters are not cleaned; the sand is replaced about every 3-5 years.


What parts are replaceable in a filter? 


Most modern DE filters have 8 grids, as well as top and bottom manifolds. The cartridge filters have 4 cartridges.


It’s important to note that, over time, grids and cartridges will need to be replaced as a result as part of normal wear and tear.  Routine maintenance can extend the life of these parts.


When does a filter need to be replaced?


A filter will need to replaced when it cracks in the casing/outer shell cause leaks or when the shell becomes warped over time.  Sometimes, damage isn’t noticeable until the filter is dissembled for cleaning service.  This is especially true of a warped casing, and is most common in older stainless steel filter.


What is normal filter pressure? 


There is no “normal” pressure for a pool filter. The filter pressure will have many determining factors like filter size, pool volume and pool plumbing diameter – just to name a few.  A good way to judge what is “normal” for your pool is to take note of the pressure right after the filter has been cleaned. This will give you the best baseline for your pressure.