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Summer Swim Season Underway

We all know with the summer heat comes the need for relief. And often the best way to cool down… during the summer is to visit your backyard’s oasis—your swimming pool.

Did you know that your fun can be cut short if your pool is not properly serviced and maintained. Pools not only need to be cleaned regularly—sources suggest once per week—but the chemical balance needs to be maintained as well.

You could handle this yourself, but put your mind at ease and don’t add something else to your already full weekend to-do list. Hire a residential full-service pool company.

Not only will they clean your pool by sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning the tiles and filters, but they will maintain the chemical balance of your pool.

We consulted with expert Bob Wood, Owner of Water Tech Pool and Spa in Dallas. “Not many people know that a swimming pool that is chemically imbalanced—whether that be a salt water or traditional pool—can wreak havoc on your pool’s system. In addition, playing and swimming in your pool can be dangerous when the chemicals are imbalanced.”

Bob suggests hiring a reliable pool service company to take care of your swimming pool needs. Because your summer should be filled with pool noodles, goggles and water volleyball—not a growing to-do list!